“Krasnodarskiy” tomato sauce

is a sour and sweet sauce with well expressed aroma of apples and spices
It is an obligatory adding to a grilled chicken or to sausages.

Net weight: 480 g.

Pack: Glass jar (Twist off)

Package: Thermally shrinkable packing tape

Packing: 8 pcs.

Shelf life: 2 years

Contents of the product: tomato paste, apple puree, ground black pepper,

ground bayberry, cinnamon, taste and aromatic compositions: “Clove”,

“Mace”, “soluble garlic”, sand sugar, sweetener “Multi-sweet 100”, edible

salt, modified potato starch, vinegar acid, sorbic acid, potable water.

It is recommended for the ill on diabetes and people that control their weight.

Product certified